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Kolomna (Russian: Коло?мна) is an ancient city in Moscow Oblast, Russia, situated at the confluence of the Moskva and Oka Rivers, which is located 114 kilometers (71 mi) (by rail) southeast of Moscow. The area of the city is about 6,510 acres (26.3 km2). The city was founded in 1177. It is currently the administrative center of Kolomensky District of Moscow Oblast. Population: 150,129 (2002 Census); 161,881 (1989 Census).

The Special Design Bureau — “Heavy-Duty Machine Tool Factory” (“SKB ZTS”) in Kolomna was found in 1998 with the purpose of manufacture development of heavy duty and unique metal working equipment.

Kolomna Vertical turning lathe

Kolomna heavy machine tool construction factory

Kolomna heavy machine tool construction factory (KZHM [6]) -- by 1990s has become one of the biggest companies in the heavy machine construction industry of the USSR. Over the years the plant has produced dozens of modifications vertical- turning, special, rotary-grinding, hardening and woodworking machines and forging presses and other equipment. Products with brand "ZTC" are well known in 48 countries.

In February, 2008 “SKB ZTS” and the group of companies “Stankogarant” amalgamated in a single machine-tool enterprise “SKB ZTS”, that can rightfully be considered as the legal successor of former PA “Kolomensky ZTS” in the field of heavy duty and unique machine-tool manufacture, machine-tools with various technological functions.

Kolomna is a missile design bureau dedicated to military projects, designing surface-to-air missile warheads, anti-tank guided missiles, and an active protective system for armored vehicles. The design bureau has also entered the commercial space market, designing geophysics rockets for use in experimental testing. The Kolomna Engineering Design Office is Russia`s leading designer of missile complexes for the ground troops, of anti-tank and portable air-defence complexes.

The holding company “New Programs and Concepts” that incorporates the creator of mobile anti-aircraft systems “Igla” (the Kolomna Mashinostroyeniye design office) and producer of these systems (the Degtyaryov plant in Kovrov).

Machine-Building Design Bureau products include: Igla, Igla-1, Dzhigit, Strelets-2M, and Strela-10MZ anti-aircraft and portable anti-aircraft missile systems; Malyutka-2, Shturm, Ataka, and Khrizantema antitank missile systems; Tochka-U and Iskander-E missile systems; and Arena-E tank protection complexes.

Kolomna engineers designed the Malyutka-2 anti-tank guided missile, the warhead of the hand-held Strela-3 tactical surface-to-air missile, and the "Arena" armored vehicle active protection system, which is designed to destroy anti-tank guided missiles, anti-tank rockets and rocket-propelled grenades before they can strike the target vehicle.

Kolomna has designed the "Sfera" (Sphere), a single stage, solid propellant, geophysical rocket system designated for use as an upper atmosphere, near-space experiment platform. "Sfera" utilizes guidance systems cannibalized from destroyed SS-23 ballistic missiles, and can launch payloads of up to 230 kg to altitudes of 330 km.

After the war Kolomna has developed into one of the largest industrial centres of Russia, however, during nineties of the last century it shared the fate of the whole country – Kolomna entered the complicated period of market transformations. Industrial output has dropped significantly, making town’s industrial giants suffer. At the dawn of new millennium Kolomna’s industry felt much better, and its economy stabilized. Modern Kolomna is an actively developing city.